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Dr. Chris Cortman

Community Education Speaker


Dr. Christopher Cortman has been a licensed psychologist in Florida for 30 years (he was eight at the time). He has facilitated over 70,000 hours of psychotherapy. He is the co-author of Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life and Take Control of Your Anxiety. He has another book coming out this year called A Pain in the Past: How to get over the Worst Thing that Ever Happened to You. He has also co-written a prevention/wellness program for children called the Social Black Belt, which has been taught in many of Sarasota County schools. He is on the medical staff at Venice Regional Bayfront Health. Dr. Cortman has spoken alongside Tipper Gore in 2009, Jane Pauley in 2011 and Patrick Kennedy in 2015 to talk about stigma and mental illness. He also won the Outstanding Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest award in 2015. And, he is the proud father of 3 children.