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Aftercare at The Recovery Village Atlanta

Our aftercare planning helps you build a support system, avoid relapse and keep the life you’ve earned. 

What Is Aftercare?

After graduating from The Recovery Village Atlanta, our comprehensive aftercare planning connects you with the resources and peer support you need for your ongoing recovery. Your aftercare plan is tailored to your unique needs so you can have the highest chance of post-rehab success. 

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Am I ready for aftercare?

Throughout your stay, our team helps you prepare to stay sober beyond our doors. A specialized aftercare plan is the key to getting your life back. You’re ready if:

  • You’ve completed the medical detox process
  • You’ve finished more intense levels of care, such as residential care
  • You’re committed to overcoming my addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • You’ve gained the skills needed to maintain sobriety outside of rehab

Goals of Aftercare

Relapse is common in addiction recovery, but participating in aftercare programs has repeatedly led to lower relapse rates. Aftercare helps clients:

  • Continue therapeutic work with counselors and sponsors.ve completed the medical detox process
  • Use learned coping strategies to resist triggers in real world situations.
  • Establish a stable support system to stay accountable.
  • Commit to relationships and activities that encourage healthy living.
  • Pursue professional and personal goals.
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What to Expect In Our Aftercare Program

Aftercare planning begins from the time you enter treatment. Your clinical team works closely with your case manager to devise a comprehensive aftercare plan. 

Aftercare plans may include personalized tools for relapse prevention, referrals for additional medical or therapeutic care, connections to local support groups in the client’s area, and other recovery resources. 

Relapse prevention plan

Medical & therapeutic referrals

Support group recommendations

Local & online recovery resources

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

If you struggle with addiction, you’re not alone. Read our reviews and learn why The Recovery Village Atlanta may be the right fit for your recovery.

Russell B.
16:34 17 Jun 24
Were thoughtfull in their treatment.an unfortunate experiene, hopefully a one off, but very needed. Thank you
Jibril A.
14:13 24 Apr 24
This was the best experience I have ever done was at my lowest point when I came here to RVA and now I am leaving healed I think everyone kept me going and brought me back to life and closer to my faith peace and blessings and always lead with love
Mark G.
13:20 21 Mar 24
I got a lot more than I bargained for. I came for a mental vacation, to get my head clear. To my consternation I got treatment, real life valuable treatment. This place equipped me for the next phase of my sober life. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. There are things that can use improvement but nothing in life is perfect. I got waaay more than I gave. This was definitely a win for me. Love this place and I want to say a very public thank you to the staff and especially my two therapists: Rachel and Jensi. You two were ABSOLUTELY amazing and what I needed
Joseph C.
18:15 21 Feb 24
My time at RVA, will always be a time that I'll forever cherish. I was able to build lasting friendships and discover a part of myself I was afraid to face. Being a member of the transgender community life has been rough. RVA was kind enough to provide me with a room of my own. My Therapist Jasmine Jenkins was the best therapist I have ever had l, and I've had a few. Grace the recreational therapist always went above and beyond for of her patients.
Krista C.
21:47 15 Feb 24
I've been a patient here 2 times and can say the program is solid clinically. Rachel is an excellent therapist. All of the clinical staff and the BHTs are kind and see you as an individual. Special props to Rodney for being so patient and understanding. Ms. Tracey the BHT who is sweet and knows you by name and is the type of person who genuinely cares . These folks know about addiction and addicts. The rules may not be for everybody but if you are truly there to get well and learn how to live then I would highly recommend. If you're looking for a vacation from your kids or just a place to stay this may not be for you. There are expectations for the clients and one of those is acting like an adult who takes recovery seriously. The food may not be restaurant quality but you'll get full. The place is pleasing to the eye and comfortable for the most part. Any issues my roommate and I had and brought to the attention of staff i.e. hot water problems and hvac problems were addressed. In conclusion: if you are ready to get slightly uncomfortable and work hard to save your life RVA is for you.
nicholas G.
20:40 03 Feb 24
Everyone, especially Marissa, has been super helpful navigating the intake process. I am on the way to the facility now in a uber they paid for, we shall see what the future holds.

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