Drug & Alcohol Medical Detox in Atlanta

Don’t take on withdrawal alone. Medical detox at The Recovery Village Atlanta makes withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible to help you avoid relapse during detox. 

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is the fundamental first step in your recovery process. During detox, the body rids itself of drugs and alcohol, often leading to uncomfortable or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Our medical team provides 24/7 supervision and treatment for symptoms to make detox as safe and comfortable as possible.

Is medical detox right for me?

If any of these apply to you, medical detox may be necessary to stop safely.

  • I keep using drugs or alcohol to avoid feeling withdrawal symptoms
  • I’ve tried stopping by myself before and it didn’t work
  • I’ve been using drugs or alcohol for a long time or in large amounts
  • I’m addicted to alcohol or other drugs, where stopping without medical help could be fatal

What to Expect In Our Medical Detox Program

Before medical detox begins, we evaluate each patient’s needs to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, including your drug and alcohol use, physical and mental state, and any co-occurring disorders. 

Patients at The Recovery Village Atlanta detox in a quiet, private room and receive 24-hour medical care, nutritious and easy-to-digest foods, and medications to manage withdrawal symptoms. They’ll also begin their one-on-one counseling with a licensed therapist. 

A safe, substance-free environment

24/7 medical monitoring

Treatment for withdrawal symptoms

Medication-assisted treatment (when appropriate)

Speak with Admissions

Speak with a Recovery Advocate who can answer your questions and get you the help you need. 

Using Insurance for a Medical Detox

The Recovery Village Atlanta is in-network with most national and local insurance providers. We can verify your insurance coverage or discuss private payment options with you. 

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

If you struggle with addiction, you’re not alone. Read our reviews and learn why The Recovery Village Atlanta may be the right place for your recovery.

Ryan R.
17:08 21 Sep 23
Overall it was a great experience, it helped me in my recovery and gave me tools for the future.
Patti R.
16:06 20 Sep 23
This place saved my life...
Alfonzo H C.
18:13 11 Sep 23
Very comfortable place with all the tools for continuing sobriety great staff absolutely superfantastic groups could you more structure but the staff is there to make you comfortable and safe thank you RVA
david dupree I.
18:26 08 Sep 23
Great facility the staff is very informative and helpful. The facility itself is very clean and accommodating. I would recommend this place to anyone serious about abstinence !!!!!!!!!
Jose A.
17:45 06 Sep 23
amazing been sober 85 days Karen is the best js
Mitchell M.
13:45 28 Aug 23
If you need a place to detox and start your journey of sobriety it's a very clean and newer facility. The therapists are amazing and care deeply for their clients. You get to earn cellphone privileges which is a plus. The food is subpar and being underweight, I rarely felt full or was unable to eat the meals due to limited options/small portions/completely running out/and unable to get seconds. Expect to be class from 9am to 8:30pm 7 days a week until you reach the last stage where you get a half day off on Sundays. If you vape, don't bother bringing it as they are not allowed, same thing with snacks/food/candy, but you can have cigarettes (come with a carton because they only do cigarette runs every Thursday and expect to have 3-5 patients ask to bum a cigarette off you every break)

FAQs About Medical Detox

How long is medical detox?

The time it takes to complete detox varies depending on the substance used, withdrawal symptoms and physical health of the patient. Most patients complete their medical detox in 7–10 days.

Can I detox at home?

We do not recommend detoxing at home. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable and demotivating, leading to relapse. Certain substances, like alcohol or benzodiazepines, have withdrawal symptoms that are potentially fatal without immediate medical care.

Does medical detox work?

Yes, medical detox offers a drug- and alcohol-free environment and 24/7 medical supervision to ensure your detox is successful. However, detox is only the first step in addiction treatment and you’ll need further care to continue on the path to long-term recovery.

Will I receive methadone, suboxone, etc. during detox?

The Recovery Village Atlanta does offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT), as medically appropriate. Your clinical team will determine your needs and eligibility to see if MAT is right for you.

How can I pay for medical detox?

Insurance may cover some or all of the cost of medical detox. Without insurance, The Recovery Village Atlanta can work with you on private payment options.

Will I lose my job if I attend medical detox?

There are several laws in place that protect employees when they attend detox and rehab.

Explore Other Levels of Care

Our full range of treatment options and personalized treatment plans ensure every patient gets expert care that meets their needs.