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Nobu, Our Exclusive
New Treatment Tool

We’re proud to offer Nobu, a premier digital therapeutic support tool for recovery, to our patients at The Recovery Village Atlanta.

What’s New for Our Patients

Nobu not only delivers on-demand mental health education and supportive tools but also provides a personalized app experience for our patients throughout their treatment journey.

This innovative app empowers users to set goals, manage their daily schedules, commemorate program milestones and unlock rewards.

Secure Android tablet for
in-treatment use

Tailored content that adapts to
your recovery

Access to content treatment post-discharge

Community ties and easier return
to treatment

Angela Phillips, PhD, LCSW

Director of Telehealth Services

Nobu gives our patients a personalized, interactive treatment tool that helps them focus on attaining their program goals and rewards their progression. We’re thrilled to put this powerful tool for recovery in their hands, from the moment they enter our doors and beyond.

A smiling woman sitting at a table, looking at a tablet

How Nobu Helps During Treatment

Upon admission at The Recovery Village Atlanta, every patient is provided a securely programmed tablet that gives them access to Nobu and is customized for their level of care. This offers a seamless experience throughout treatment, enabling patients to:

  • Digitally complete and store clinical worksheets and paperwork
  • Track clinical progress and meet level-of-care requirements right from the start
  • Establish and review both clinical and personal goals
  • Unlock rewards, translating into valuable patient privileges
  • Access the full spectrum of Nobu’s additional content, including additional educational and supportive content and the upgraded AI-powered Nobu bot

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