Opioid Addiction Treatment in Atlanta

Treatment for opioid addiction has helped thousands start a new life in recovery. It’s time to get help and get your life back.

Getting Help at The Recovery Village Atlanta

Prescription opioids and heroin are powerful pain relievers with a high risk for addiction. If you find yourself struggling to control your opioid use, evidence-based, compassionate addiction treatment can help. It’s time to get your life back.

Opioid addiction can happen even when you take the drug as prescribed.  

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What Is Opioid Use Disorder?

Opioids and opiates are highly addictive drugs. When someone loses control of their opioid use and continues to take these drugs despite negative consequences, they may have a medical condition known as opioid use disorder. Willpower alone may not stop opioid addiction; it often takes opioid addiction treatment.

  • Taking more opioids than prescribed
  • Needing higher doses
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • “Doctor shopping”
  • Hiding opioid use from others
  • Hurt relationships
  • Poor work or school performance
  • Behavior or mood changes

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center?

Over 40,000 people have trusted The Recovery Village treatment centers with their addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions. Patients at The Recovery Village Atlanta graduate from our evidence-based programs with the education, self-awareness and tools they need to live opioid-free lives. We believe anyone can overcome opioid addiction if they commit to their recovery and receive personalized, patient-centric care.

Opioid Rehab Programs in Atlanta

Opioid addiction treatment is a multi-step process. Our programs help you tackle the physical, mental and emotional symptoms to ensure the best chance at success.  

Opioid Rehab: What’s It Like? 

At The Recovery Village Atlanta, we treat the whole person — not just their addiction. Our approach is backed by research and results, then personalized to meet each person’s needs. 

One-on-One Counseling

Our counselors work with each patient to address their physical, mental and emotional symptoms and find the root of their addiction.

Peer Support

Patients attend group therapy to get support, guidance and fellowship from others who understand what they’re facing.

Continuum of Care

People are more likely to relapse if they leave treatment before they’re ready. Patients step down to lower levels of care as they get better so they always have the support they need.

Purposeful Downtime

Downtime is an important time to reflect, form connections with peers and develop hobbies that support recovery. Recreational therapies like yoga support these goals.

Nutrition at Work

Opioid misuse can wreak havoc on our health. Our chef creates delicious, nutritious meals designed to boost recovery and motivate patients.

Relapse Prevention

At every stage of treatment, we’re preparing you for graduation. Our team helps you build a relapse prevention plan and connects you with vital resources.

Explore your insurance benefits to pay for opioid rehab:

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  • Verifying your Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Abuse
  • Understanding Your Coverage and Benefits
  • In-network vs. Out-of-network Insurance Coverage
  • Paying for Rehab Without Insurance

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Your Recovery Is Our Mission

If you struggle with alcoholism, you’re not alone. Read our reviews and learn why The Recovery Village Atlanta may be the right place for your recovery.

Lennie J.
12:12 03 Jun 23
I would like to thank all staff there at recovery village Atlanta for warm welcome and professionalism they enpacked my life with the tools and resources that they gave an taught in all there classes all the RA's there were amazing especially Bre an maranda an shauntee I would also like to thank all the therapist there especially Kalee and Karen I would recommend y'all's facility to anyone in search of finding there soberity and treating there mental health conditions as well as trauma therapy
Terry H.
14:46 29 May 23
At first I was hesitant but in time I was appointed a super therapist, Rachel who was fantastic. I have no complaints to speak of, my stay at Recovery village was an awesome experience. Thank God and Recovery village for the peace of heart and courage I have to face life on life's terms.
Abreahna G.
17:31 23 May 23
The staff are amazing! Bre, Latisha, Rodney, and Tamika are my favorite techs. Valerie helped me see insight into who I am and what I need to work on. Jenna and Ali had helpful groups. Vanessa's soothing meditation chime bowl sent me into deep relaxation every time. Rachel and Kaylee gave amazing educational groups and insights. Deon has awesome rec groups! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here. They have classes everyday that teach DBT and CBT skills. The gym helped get out my frustrations. And yoga helped release pent up energies. There are NA/AA and Alanon meetings as well as other forms of 12 step meetings available. I feel confident in my sobriety and they have been a major help in my recovery. I plan to continue my recovery one day at a time. It works if you work it! Thank you for everything.
Gary S.
16:20 22 May 23
Everything has its ups and downs. You have different people, different problems, but overall, very helpful. If you do the work, you get the results. Actually acknowledging the problem and correctly fixing it, with the staffs assistance is the most wholesome experience. The staff was amazing(not counting at least 3), they were very loving. MY FAVORITE STAFF MEMBER WAS MS. DANIELLE. SHE WAS WONDERFUL AND A TRUE SAINT. SHE CARES AS IF YOU WERE A REAL FAMILY.
David S.
13:29 12 May 23
Recovery village was nothing short of an amazing experience for me. I've struggled with addiction for over a decade and bounced from facility to facility searching for a way out of this disease. Recovery village was above and beyond. Sean was very attentative and caring in helping me get in the program as well as coming by to check on me the whole time i was there. Bree, Danielle, Dwain, Devin, Mauriel, and Keana impacted my experience greatly and was there for me the entire way. As well as the rest of staffing. I feel like I have a fighting chance with the love and care I received. I highly recommend this facility to anyone in search of something unique to you.
Todd Q
12:13 12 May 23
I wish I could reply to Brian and say that this place is amazing and he should have given it more time and maybe had more of an open mind and understand that every worker here cannot be perfect every day and also keep in mind that this facility has only been open for 9 months.

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