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Connie Clanton

Recovery Ambassador


Connie Clanton graduated from addiction treatment at The Recovery Village Atlanta. She answered some questions about her time with us, hoping to convince others to seek the help they need:

When did you realize you wanted to get treatment?

“When I was no longer in control.”

Why did you (or your loved one) choose our treatment center?

“It was close to home.” 

What part of your treatment was the most helpful?

“The classes and therapy sessions.” 

Who made the biggest difference in your recovery journey?

“The therapists.” 

How has your life changed after getting treatment at our center?

“My life is so different, I’m free from the wrenches of addiction. Truly blessed. ❤️” 

How would you encourage someone else who needs treatment?

“Take that first step. It looks scary. But you will be so happy you did. No more chains that bind you. Freedom from addiction is amazing. Just take a chance. Your new life is waiting, with happy days ahead. ❤️”