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Gary Sargent

Recovery Ambassador


Gary Sargent graduated from addiction treatment at The Recovery Village Atlanta.  In a recent interview, he shared his recovery story, hoping to inspire others to seek the help they need: 

When did you realize you wanted to get treatment?

“After my mother passed,  I started to drink excessively.” 

Why did you (or your loved one) choose our treatment center?

“Insurance and convenience and the comfort of conversation. The center never gave up on communication with me.” 

What part of your treatment was the most helpful?

“The relationship and dedication from staff.” 

Who made the biggest difference in your recovery journey?

“Me realizing where I was in my mind and what I needed to change.” 

How has your life changed after getting treatment at our center?

“I have a much calmer and patient mind.” 

How would you encourage someone else who needs treatment?

“Don’t sell yourself short and try hard and open up.”